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We are going online!

Crazy times Mat Community! I hope you are well and have toilet paper :). If you need anything please reach out to me. It was a sad day today to cease our public classes however we are wanting to do everything we can to help this situation end as quickly as possible.

We are taking our classes online. If you have Facebook its as easy as going to The Mat page at your class time, roll out your mat and turn on a space heater :). I will try to get the mindbody schedule updated daily, you can register for class if you would like, this is not required at this time. We appreciate your support during this time. If you don't Facebook we will also zoom our classes you can find our zoom link here https://zoom.us/j/7589720450. We also have a you tube channel which has recorded classes on it feel free to look us up. If you can't find us on any of these social media locations just text me and I'll send you the link. Instructors will also be posting tips for managing stress and anxiety during these difficult times , nutrition tips and fun yoga information to help keep your practice moving forward. Check in with us regularly , post your thoughts , concerns and questions and lets stay connected. It will be a celebration when we all get back in and on The Mat. Hang in there everyone, we can do this together. Namaste'

Gov. Inslee signed an emergency proclamation today banning gatherings over 50 people. Gatherings with fewer than 50 people are prohibited unless strict criteria for hygiene & social distancing are met. Grocery stores & pharmacies will stay open. Restaurants that allow take-out service will continue to operate for now. However, dine-in restaurants, bars, clubs & theaters, indoor recreational venues such as gyms and yoga studios must cease operations. Retail stores are closed unless operating at special capacities and strict criteria for hygiene and social distancing. These rules will be for the next two weeks and it may be extended after that. If you don’t have to do activities, stay home. This will save lives. The governor is also asking residents older than 60 and those with underlying health conditions to self isolate, if they can. This will require behavior change. These are very difficult decisions, but hours count here, and very strong measures are necessary to slow the spread of the disease. Gov. Inslee knows there will be significant economic impacts to all our communities, and we are looking at steps to help address those challenges.

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