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The MAT Yoga Studio in Liberty Lake, WA offers a variety of services to their local community, including Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness Coaching, Wellness Services and Yoga Teacher Training. The Mat opened in 2010 and over the years has built a strong community of students, mentors and friends practicing living a happier healthier life together! 

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What people are saying about The Mat 


Between physical injuries and poor mental health from being a health care provider during the pandemic, my pain when running was worsening. This Ironman triathlete was stopping and turning around to walk home not even 2 miles into a run. A fellow runner had gushed about yoga to me once, I was getting worse despite trying everything else, so I showed up at the Mat on a January 2nd.
There were lot of poses I couldn't do. For a long time I felt sore afterward. It was the good kind that felt like improvement though, not the more recent painful, decaying, grim-reaper-is-coming-for-my-muscles kind of sore that cut runs short. The instructors recognized my low skill level and took time to help. I missed one week that year, but only due to vacation. When I would sleep in and skip class I regretted it, as yoga always always always felt better than an extra hour of sleep.
By October of that year I had my running form back. I was healthy enough I ran a marathon again, 30 minutes faster than the last time. I can do most of the poses now. My mental health is measurably improved. That would never have happened without the instructors at the Mat.   


I joined the Mat community in 2023 at the urging of a regular Mat member. My attendance and enthusiasm was tepid at best but when the opportunity arose to attend a Mat retreat in Costa Rica, I signed on. I had been unwell in body and spirit for some time and “optional” yoga sounded like something I could do with minimal effort. How then to explain the transformation I experienced over those several days? Certainly the setting with ocean, jungle and wildlife was conducive to a sense of relaxation and there was ample opportunity for self-reflection. More than that though I found myself drawn to the lightness of being and serenity that emanated from Barb and Jan and over those several days I felt something shift. I began to realize that I had a choice to wallow in an unwell state or transcend my negativity and self pity. At the close of my time in Costa Rica, Barb handed out cards at random with inspirational quotes. Mine read: Pain is temporary. Quitting is forever. However cheesy it may sound, those words spoke to me. I am grateful to Barb, Jan and the Mat Community at large for assisting me on a path toward wellness. Namaste. Maurie.


“I'm so thankful for your studio and how it's been a part of my wellness journey the last 10 years. I love how it offers so many opportunities for wellness. You can tell you've thoughtfully picked out specific people and activities with your members' best interests in mind. Just grateful for how the studio has evolved over the years. Thank you....."

"I'm not sure where to start. The Mat is hands down the best yoga studio around! The staff there are more like family than instructors and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Not to mention that the price is unbeatable! I can't boast enough about my experience and how much my practice grew during my time here."

"I absolutely LOVE The Mat! The coaches and each of the practices keeps me motivated and committed, and the Mat is honestly the only place where I have enjoyed working out. It's the first time in my life where I've made a regular habit of working out because the workouts are so strengthening and fun, for both the mind and body. Thanks for all you guys do!"

"The Mat is a truly wonderful yoga studio! The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all levels of practice."

“I was looking for a yoga place in my area of Post Falls or close to call home! And I've found it! I love hot yoga; I feel it gives your body the chance to really detox and get into the connection yoga has to offer! You definitely leave your mind on the mat and not in your head when practice in the heat! all the instructors have been amazing!!!"

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