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2023 Joyful Pose Women's Yoga Retreat

An extended weekend of REST, inner connection, digital detox and therapeutic yoga practices.

July 7th - 10th

Talus Rock Retreat Center in beautiful Sandpoint, ID

Reservations Open Now!

Cost: $3,000

Why Retreat?

Rest seems easy, right? For many of us, it is not. Many women can relate to feeling like the worlds of many rests on our shoulders with family, kids, career, household responsibilities, finances, relationships, family logistics, etc, etc, etc. There is just not enough time in the day, so many women don’t ever achieve rest and most don’t achieve deep rest which is essential to our body and mind's ability to heal, recover and re-energize. 

When we give ourselves the opportunity to achieve deep rest for extended periods of time our breathing patterns become slower, allowing more oxygen to cross between our lungs and our blood vessels. With this, nitric oxide levels rise which cause blood vessels to dilate letting blood and oxygen move more quickly and efficiently through the body. All this leads to lowered blood pressure and a slowed heart rate. These are just a few examples of physiological changes that can be achieved with deep extended rest which will ultimately aid in inflammation reduction and decreased stress and anxiety. 


The Joyful Pose Womens Yoga Retreat offered by Kristen Gustke and Barb Oviatt is an opportunity to retreat into nature, disconnect from digital chaos, take a break from overwhelming daily responsibilities and truly, deeply rest. Our team offers a variety of yoga practices throughout your stay to guide you into inner connection, deep rest and vitality. 

What We Offer

Spend your long weekend disconnecting from sensory overload and stress.

Pricing includes lodging, food and all yoga retreat offerings. Rooms are selected on a first come first serve basis, soon after you book you will be contacted to choose your room. Most rooms are shared and come with a private bathroom to share with your roommate. We have a couple of private rooms available as well.

Daily Yoga Practice

Daily Yoga Practice

Daily practice will include multiple sessions of hatha practice focused on philosophy, alignment and therapeutic practices.

1 on 1 Yoga Therapy Sessions

1 on 1 Yoga Therapy Sessions

Every attendee will have the opportunity to work one on one with Kristen Gustke, Yoga Therapist S-IAYT. With Kristen you will explore personalized daily yoga practices to understand how yoga can guide you towards physical and mental well-being.

Sound Bath

Sound Bath

Experience a guided sound bath that uses the power of sound vibrations to bring balance, relaxation, and a sense of well-being to your mind, body, and spirit.



Hot Tub, Sauna, Pool, Hiking and access to Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and other water sports.

All Meals

All Meals

Enjoy an assortment of self-serve healthy meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Guided Meditation and Breathing

Guided Meditation and Breathing

Enjoy daily guided mediation practices including breathwork (pranayama) and Yoga Nidra.

Muscle Rolling Therapy

Muscle Rolling Therapy

Learn self-massage using therapeutic Tune Up massage balls to release sore muscles, chronic pain and knots.

Meet your Hosts!

IMG_2021 3.heic

Kristen Gustke

Yoga Therapist, S-IAYT

Untitled design (2).png

Barb Oviatt

The Mat Owner, Yoga Instructor

IMG_2115 1.heic

Nikki Falardo

Yoga Instructor


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