Barb Oviatt 200 RYT

Corie Oviatt Rph  

Barb and Corie Opened The Mat in 2010 , Corie retired from Pharmacy in 2015 to work with Barb as a full time health coach , brining his science back ground to help educate and coach The Mat community to better health. Barb has been working in the fitness industry for over 30 years.  Studying Taekwondo for the past 30 +  years.  Coordinating fitness programs and teaching a variety of classes.  Over the past 15 years her focus has turned to mind body fitness and nutrition. Nutritional coaching to help clients better their health from the inside out.   She has trained extensively in Baptiste power vinyasa yoga practice.   Barb was born and raised in Alberta Canada then moved to Missoula and on to  LasVegas  and for the last 19 years has lived in Liberty Lake with her husband and 3 amazing kids.

 Natalie Gauvin 200 RYT

Natalie is an business owner a cook an artist a dancer a mother of two amazing boys and yes a yogini.  Natalie owns The Well coffee house in Liberty Lake and balances being a full time mother with full time business ownership.  She also takes the time to share her love of yoga with The Mat Community and continues to grow her own practice and spirit for healthy living.

Mary Naccarato

200 RYT Baptiste Inspired

Mary is a middle school counselor and a mother to three wonderful boys.  Her yoga journey started in 2010, and when she began to feel the transformation it was having in her life, she felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others.  Mary believes that the mind, body, and soul connection is a sacred one; one that should be nurtured and inspired.  Keeping this thought as a forefront in her mind, she teaches her classes from the heart, creating an uplifting and safe environment for people to explore with their own bodies.

Kristen Wade E-RYT200

A self-confessed nerd, Kristen has been a spiritual seeker since childhood; studying yoga, Buddhism, and natural healing for over twenty years. She has extensive training in the Anusara method, with a dedicated studentship to Amy Ippoliti. She is trained in prenatal yoga, yoga therapy, Reiki level II, and as a DONA Doula. Interested in Women’s Health and Pediatrics, she is currently strengthening her knowledge and experience in yoga therapeutics and biomechanics while pursuing a career as a Physical Therapist. Her instruction aims to foster a seeking spirit intent on balancing physical expression and playfulness to develop inner wisdom. With a focus on alignment, a spiritual connection, and therapeutic attention, her classes are regarded as being challenging and lighthearted.

Kristen was born and raised in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado. A bit of a nomad, she has lived in many different places including overseas. Always a mountain girl at heart, she loves skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and camping. Kristen is a mother of three sweet, mischievous children and an exuberant, hairy dog. Her aim is to keep them moderately well fed, somewhat clean, and exceptionally happy. You can find her at

Scott Brownlee

200 RYT

Scott started practicing yoga with his son because he thought it would be valuable to his son’s high school wrestling. (It was, he went on to win the state championship.) Scott has been steadily practicing yoga ever since. When the opportunity arose to take a yoga certification training, he enrolled to deepen his own practice. The experience made him want to share with others what yoga has meant in/for his own life.

After years of working in the film and television industry with clients including Disney and Marvel, Scott finds time in his busy schedule as an adjunct professor of Film Post Production at two institutions to teach yoga at The Mat and at the Airway Heights prison.

Shanna Henning 200 RYT

Shanna began her search for balance when she was 18 by studying meditation with a Buddhist and Jungian professor and kept a dedicated daily practice under the guidance of three mentors. To Shanna, yoga is much more than a physical practice; it is a way to cultivate connection to all facets of oneself: mind, body, spirit, and to facilitate integration and wholeness.     Shanna holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology with a clinical emphasis, a Master’s Certificate in Addiction Studies, and is a Certified Peer Counselor. Her areas of interest and specialty include mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, addiction, mindfulness and positive psychology. Her ambition is to obtain her Yoga Therapy certification and specialize in trauma release. You can count on a compassionate, nurturing, and nonjudgmental environment based on the philosophy that the student-teacher relationship is one of mutual growth and exploration. When Shanna isn’t on the mat, she is hiking with her 2 pups and exploring the beautiful nature of this town.


Christi VanAmburg 200 RYT

Christi was introduced to Yoga in high school the ‘80’s from a very eccentric hippie Home Ec teacher , from that moment on she daily used those few poses to help with sleep and stress which is why part of her mission is to share yoga tools with teens! After graduation, Her best friend took her to a class at Seattle Tilth and Yoga became a part of her fabric. Throughout her career as an actress in Seattle and Los Angeles, her favorite part of acting was the rehearsal process; the community that was built, the mindful exercises and the Yoga that was all over the prep process for a performance. She loved those parts of Acting so much she wanted to do them full time! She finished 8 weeks of Bikram Teacher training before realizing that she was very pregnant. Three Boys and a lot of life later, she was physically and mentally ready to finish her teacher training at at MellowMonkey Studio in Spokane and has been ecstatically teaching at the Mat ever since. She believes Yoga helped her through a rough start as a kid, helped with stress during a crazy LA career and has helped keep autoimmune illness at bay. She firmly believes that yoga is for EVERY body and loves to share the yoga glow with everyone she can. She is over the moon to be a part of the welcoming and diverse Mat Community.